So it's getting closer and closer to my surgery date! Its 8 days until I leave for Thailand and 10 days until I get my new boobs. The nerves have definitely kicked in now - although I know I will be in good hands and I'm super excited I can't help but feel a little daunted! Not to mention the crazy surgery dreams I've been having..

So to prepare for my surgery I've started putting together what I'm fondly referring to as my "Booby Kit" which is essentially items that I will be taking over to Thailand to have with me for pre and post op care. I thought I would share the list of items I have collected for those that may be interested in travelling abroad for surgery.

1. Post - Op Bra
Basically like a compression sports crop. When looking for a post op bra I would suggest finding one which fastens at the front so its easy to take on and off. The one I have is the Veronique Allyssandra Post Op Bra which I got second hand from a friend (washed and sanitised of course) black in the size M which should hopefully fit.

2. Ah-Bra type crops x3
Found these on Ebay for about $10 for 3, have heard that they are nice and comfortable to wear post op when you feel like you need at bit of a breather from the compression bra. I got the size L as apparently the sizing runs small and they look like they will fit perfectly.

3. Anti Bacterial Wipes
I have stocked up on these as I won't be able to shower for a few days after my op just to keep clean and fresh. I also have bought plenty of makeup removing wipes and a box of Medi-Swabs to sanitise my incisions when I have to change dressings.

4. Hand Sanitiser
I have bought a big pump bottle to keep in the hotel room and also a few smaller ones to throw in my hospital bag and handbag for when I'm out and about - obviously to kill all the nasties on my hands when I need to change my dressings etc.

5. Anti Bacterial Body Wash
I bought the pre-op stuff from the chemist - call me anal but I will be washing my boobs with it for at least a few days before my surgery to reduce the chances of getting any sort of infection in my incisions!

6. Ice/heat packs x2
I got two of the gel packs that can be either kept in the freezer to put on my boobs to reduce the swelling or heated in boiling water in case I get back pain from having to sleep upright. They were about $6 each from the chemist.

7. Waterproof Dressings
I'm pretty sure the hospital supplies you with gauze etc for when you have to change your dressings but I thought I'd bring along my own just in case. I have the Opsite Flexifix which I know works well and it completely waterproof which is important - I really don't want any of the Thai water getting into my incisions in the shower.

8. Micropore Tape
I have just the Nexcare 3M Gentle Paper Tape. Don't really know if I'll be using it but just going to keep it on hand just in case.

9. Probiotic Tablets
Essential when taking antibiotics to prevent any nasty business down below which you ladies will be well aware what I'm referring to. I got the Natures Way Restore Daily Probiotic which is great for traveling as it doesnt need to be refrigerated.

10. Laxatives
Sorry if its TMI but I thought it would be helpful to note that often the anesthetic and all of the meds can back you up a bit so its good to keep a laxative on hand to make everything a bit more comfortable. I bought a bar of the Nu-Lax Fruit Laxative as its natural, organic and gentle.

11. Panadol
Always handy to have, I often get headaches on planes and Panadol is the only pain killer my surgeon has said I'm allowed to have in the few weeks leading up to my op (no Nurofen or anti-inflammitories as they can thin your blood).

12. Soothers/Butter Menthols
I've heard that after surgery your throat can be sore and dry from the tubes etc so just keeping these on hand in case of this.

13. Drinking Straws
Just to make life a little bit easier post-op, I've read that some women have trouble lifting their arms up to drink from a water bottle and that sort of thing so I've just stocked up on some long drinking straws.

14. Travel U-shape Pillow
I've read that this is a must-have for being able to sleep comfortably upright after your surgery!

15. Dry Shampoo
I wont be able to wash my hair that well after my op so I intend on going to the hairdressers in Phuket for a wash/blow dry but just to keep me going in between washes I'm just going to bring some dry shampoo to make life easier.

16. Bio-Oil and Lucas Paw Paw Ointment
To moisturise the skin on my boobs post op and to try and prevent stretch marks as best I can. I've already started rubbing Bio Oil on my boobs at least once a day for the past week or two and will continue to do so up until the day before my op just to keep my skin nice and supple. Paw Paw Ointment is good for everything especially dry and cracked lips post-surgery.

17. Clothes that are easy to slip on/slip out of
Elastic waisted stuff and button up or loose shirts. Anything that doesn't involve too much pulling/strain to put on or take off after the surgery will be best.

So that concludes my massively long list of items that I will be taking over to Phuket with me for my surgery. It might seem a bit excessive but I think you can never be too prepared! If I think of anything else to add to my Booby Kit I'll be sure to mention it in my future posts. Hopefully this is helpful to others! If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to leave them in the comments :)

Much Love,


Hi Ladies!

It's just a little over two weeks until I have my Breast Augmentation surgery and I've decided to create a blog to document my experience. I know that when I was in my first stages of researching my surgery I felt like no amount of information could ever be enough, so I'm hoping that this blog will help any other women out there that are considering a boob job themselves.

So I guess I will start by telling you a little about myself and why I am having this surgery! I am 25 years old and live in Perth, Australia. I work as a hairdresser. I am 170cm tall and about 60kg. I'm currently a 12A in bra size. Ever since I hit puberty I've always wished for big boobs. I remember in primary school stuffing my bra with tissues to see how I would look when I got boobs and then later on through my teenage years constantly checking my side profile in the mirror until I realised with dismay that I wasn't ever going to have them.

I finally decided on having this surgery at the start of this year (2013) after losing 8kg through diet and exercise and realising that although I could control my health and fitness levels and be happy with my body in that sense, I would still always have zero boobs. I carry my weight on my hips and thighs and I am basically as flat as a board on top. I've always been a girly girl and I would just love to be able to put on a nice dress and have a pretty hourglass shape.

I decided on having my breast surgery in Thailand after seeing many positive testimonials and before and after pictures of patients of Dr Piyapas at Bangkok Hospital Phuket. I spent months scouring the forums at (which I would definitely recommend checking out if you are considering/having surgery, so much information!) before coming to my decision about overseas surgery.

I booked my surgery through Restored Beauty Getaways which is an agency based here in Australia that organises everything for you - flights, accomodation, transfers, all of your hospital/surgery stuff, etc. I chose to book through an agency for no other reason than convenience, I didn't mind paying the small extra fee as it meant that everything sorted for me and I didn't have to worry about a thing. I will be going over to Thailand as part of their September group trip - another thing that made me choose to go through RBG. I figured since I was going to be travelling solo it would be nice to have the support of a group of other women who will be going through the same thing.

So as it stands I will be flying out to Phuket on September 12 with my surgery booked in for the 14th. Its been 6 months since I first booked and I can't believe how quickly it has gone. The nerves have definitely started settling in, although I am more excited that anything else! I just can't wait to finally have an awesome set of boobs.

I am hoping to post about my preparations for my trip, my suggestions on what to pack for a surgery holiday, about my consultations, what to expect post surgery, all about my recovery and any hints and tips I can think of to make the journey for any body else considering overseas surgery easier. I would love to hear from any other women that have had/are having surgery overseas! Also please leave any questions/comments and they will be answered in future posts.

Much love,

    My Details

    25. Female. Perth, Australia.
    170cm. 60kg.

    Date of surgery: 14th September, 2013
    Surgeon: Dr Piyapas
    Pre-op: 12A
    Post op: Hoping for a 12D!


    August 2013